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Artificial Intelligence

The Rise of AI in Phishing: Will future phishing attacks that leverage artificial intelligence be more dangerous?


CISA, NSA, FBI, and MS-ISAC have released guidance and prevention recommendations on common phishing techniques.

LinkedIn Smart Links Abused in Phishing Campaign Targeting Microsoft Accounts

Email Security

A recently observed phishing campaign targeting Microsoft accounts is using LinkedIn smart links to bypass defenses.

US Executives Targeted in Phishing Attacks Exploiting Flaw in Indeed Job Platform


An open redirection vulnerability in the popular job search platform Indeed has been exploited in a series of phishing attacks.

Google Feature Blamed for Retool Breach That Led to Cryptocurrency Firm Hacks 


A recently introduced Google account sync feature has been blamed after sophisticated hackers attacked 27 cryptocurrency firms via Retool.

Associated Press Stylebook Users Targeted in Phishing Attack Following Data Breach


Cybercriminals breached an AP Stylebook website and obtained information on customers who were then targeted in phishing attacks.