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Four Iranians are accused of hacking into critical systems at the Departments of Treasury and State and dozens of private US companies.

Malware & Threats

Russia-linked APT28 deploys the GooseEgg post-exploitation tool against numerous US and European organizations.


MITRE R&D network hacked in early January by a state-sponsored threat group that exploited an Ivanti zero-day vulnerability.


Mandiant summarizes some of the latest operations of Russia’s notorious Sandworm group, which it now tracks as APT44.

Malware & Threats

Palo Alto Networks has started releasing hotfixes for the firewall zero-day CVE-2024-3400, which some have linked to North Korea’s Lazarus. 

Data Breaches

The US government says Midnight Blizzard’s compromise of Microsoft corporate email accounts "presents a grave and unacceptable risk to federal agencies."