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The US cybersecurity agency calls attention to a Russian APT targeting academia, defense, governmental organizations, NGOs and think-tanks.


Recorded Future calculates that North Korean state-sponsored threat actors are believed to have stolen more than $3 billion in cryptocurrency.

State-Backed Hackers a Threat to Australia, Agency Warns


The AUKUS partnership, with its focus on nuclear submarines and other advanced military capabilities, is likely a target for state actors looking to steal...


Mandiant says Russia's Sandworm hackers used a novel OT attack to cause power outages that coincided with mass missile strikes on critical infrastructure across...

Malware & Threats

New macOS malware, tracked by Jamf as ObjCShellz, is likely being used by North Korean hackers to target crypto exchanges

Iranian Cyber Spies Use ‘LionTail’ Malware in Latest Attacks


Check Point reports that an Iranian APT has been observed using a new malware framework in targeted attacks in the Middle East.