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Malware & Threats

The NSA and FBI warn that a Chinese state-sponsored APT called BlackTech is hacking into network edge devices and using firmware implants to silently...


UAE-linked APT group Stealth Falcon has used the new Deadglyph backdoor in an attack targeting a governmental entity in the Middle East.

Xenomorph Android Banking Trojan Targeting Users in US, Canada

Malware & Threats

The Xenomorph Android banking trojan can now mimic financial institutions in the US and Canada and is also targeting crypto wallets.

Pakistani APT Uses YouTube-Mimicking RAT to Spy on Android Devices

Malware & Threats

New versions of Pakistan-linked APT Transparent Tribe’s CapraRAT Android trojan mimic the appearance of YouTube.

Malware & Threats

CISA says Owl Labs video conferencing device vulnerabilities that require the attacker to be in close range exploited in attacks

macOS Info-Stealer Malware ‘MetaStealer’ Targeting Businesses

Malware & Threats

The MetaStealer macOS information stealer has been targeting businesses to exfiltrate keychain and other valuable information.