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Malware & Threats

A Mirai-like botnet has started exploiting a critical-severity vulnerability in discontinued Zyxel NAS products.

Malware & Threats

A years-long espionage campaign has targeted telecoms companies in Asia with tools associated with Chinese groups.

Highly Evasive SquidLoader Malware Targets China

Malware & Threats

A threat actor targeting Chinese-speaking victims has been using the SquidLoader malware loader in recent attacks.

New BadSpace Backdoor Deployed in Drive-By Attacks

Malware & Threats

The BadSpace backdoor is being distributed via drive-by attacks involving infected websites and JavaScript downloaders.

Chinese Hackers Leveraged Legacy F5 BIG-IP Appliance for Persistence

Malware & Threats

China-linked threat actor Velvet Ant leveraged a legacy F5 BIG-IP appliance for three-year access to a victim’s network.

Pakistani Threat Actors Caught Targeting Indian Gov Entities


Security researchers at Cisco Talos and Volexity flag two Pakistani espionage campaigns targeting Indian government entities.