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Malware & Threats

The Antidot Android banking trojan snoops on users and steals their credentials, contacts, and SMS messages.

Malware & Threats

The Black Basta group abuses remote connection tool Quick Assist in vishing attacks leading to ransomware deployment.

Threat Actors Abuse GitHub to Distribute Multiple Information Stealers

Fraud & Identity Theft

Russian-speaking threat actors are caught abusing a GitHub profile to distribute information stealers posing as legitimate software.

400,000 Linux Servers Hit by Ebury Botnet 

Malware & Threats

The Ebury Linux botnet has ensnared over 400,000 Linux systems in 15 years, with roughly 100,000 still infected.

Malware & Threats

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft documents 60 security flaws in multiple software products and flags an actively exploited Windows zero-day for urgent attention.

Malware & Threats

Adobe documents multiple code execution flaws in a wide range of products, including the widely deployed Adobe Acrobat and Reader software.