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Malware & Threats

The NSA and FBI warn that a Chinese state-sponsored APT called BlackTech is hacking into network edge devices and using firmware implants to silently...


UAE-linked APT group Stealth Falcon has used the new Deadglyph backdoor in an attack targeting a governmental entity in the Middle East.

Xenomorph Android Banking Trojan Targeting Users in US, Canada

Malware & Threats

The Xenomorph Android banking trojan can now mimic financial institutions in the US and Canada and is also targeting crypto wallets.

Pakistani APT Uses YouTube-Mimicking RAT to Spy on Android Devices

Malware & Threats

New versions of Pakistan-linked APT Transparent Tribe’s CapraRAT Android trojan mimic the appearance of YouTube.

Malware & Threats

CISA says Owl Labs video conferencing device vulnerabilities that require the attacker to be in close range exploited in attacks

macOS Info-Stealer Malware ‘MetaStealer’ Targeting Businesses

Malware & Threats

The MetaStealer macOS information stealer has been targeting businesses to exfiltrate keychain and other valuable information.

The Rise of the Small Botnet


Smaller botnets are cheaper and easier to build out and operate, and criminals have already realized that large-scale botnets attract unwanted attention