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CISO Strategy

Cyberattacks have exposed a myriad of vulnerabilities in our healthcare infrastructure, and will continue to do so as new and innovative medical technologies are...

IoT Security

Researchers discover a dozen serious vulnerabilities in Akuvox smart intercom, but the vendor has not released any patches.

Published XIoT Vulnerabilities Trend Down, but Vigilance Must Remain High:  Report


While the total number of new XIoT vulnerabilities is reducing, the difficulty in securing these devices remains high – especially in OT situations.

Mirai Variant V3G4 Targets 13 Vulnerabilities to Infect IoT Devices

IoT Security

A recent variant of the Mirai malware has been observed targeting 13 IoT vulnerabilities to ensnare devices into a botnet.

NIST Picks Ascon Algorithms to Protect Data on IoT, Small Electronic Devices

IoT Security

NIST selects the Ascon cryptographic algorithms as the standard to protect data flowing through IOT and small electronic devices.

Australian Defense Department to Remove Chinese-Made Cameras

IoT Security

Australia's Defense Department said that they will remove surveillance cameras made by Chinese Communist Party-linked companies from its buildings.