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IoT Security

Smart speakers, printers, routers, NAS devices, and mobile phones were hacked on the second day at Pwn2Own Toronto 2023.

IoT Security

NAS devices, printers, IP cameras, speakers, and mobile phones were hacked on the first day at Pwn2Own Toronto 2023.

Academics Devise Cyber Intrusion Detection System for Unmanned Robots

IoT Security

Australian AI researchers teach an unmanned military robot’s operating system to identify MitM cyberattacks.

BlackBerry to Split Cybersecurity, IoT Business Units

Endpoint Security

BlackBerry plans to split its cybersecurity and IOT (Internet of Things) businesses and pursue an IPO for the IOT unit early next year.

IoT Security

Attackers can find tons of information on Tesla cars and their drivers by searching for misconfigured TeslaMate instances online.

IoT Security

An automotive cybersecurity study shows that critical-risk vulnerabilities have decreased in the past decade.