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Artificial Intelligence

Researchers have warned that powerful AI models could be used to supercharge online disinformation, cyberattacks or creation of bioweapons.

Application Security

Government agencies in the Five Eyes countries have published new guidance on creating memory safety roadmaps.

GAO: Federal Agencies Yet to Fully Implement Incident Response Capabilities


A new GAO report reveals that 20 out of 23 US federal agencies have not fully implemented incident response plans.

Adobe ColdFusion Vulnerability Exploited in Attacks on US Government Agency 


US government agency was targeted in attacks that involved exploitation of an Adobe ColdFusion vulnerability tracked as CVE-2023-26360.

UK, Korea Warn of DPRK Supply Chain Attacks Involving Zero-Day Flaws


UK and Korea say DPRK state-sponsored hackers targeted governments, defense organizations via supply chain attacks.

CISA Offering Free Cybersecurity Services to Non-Federal Critical Infrastructure Entities


New CISA pilot program brings cutting-edge cybersecurity services to critical infrastructure entities that need support.