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Adobe Patches Critical Flaws in Reader, Acrobat

Adobe documents multiple code execution flaws in a wide range of products, including the widely deployed Adobe Acrobat and Reader software.

Adobe Acrobat vulnerability exploited

Software maker Adobe on Tuesday documented 35 security vulnerabilities in a wide range of products and urged users to pay immediate attention to critical-severity bugs in its widely deployed Adobe Acrobat and Reader programs.

As part of its scheduled batch of Patch Tuesday updates, Adobe patched a dozen security bugs in Acrobat and Reader and slapped a critical-severity label on several issues that expose users to code execution attacks.

According to an advisory from Adobe PSIRT, the Acrobat and Reader vulnerabilities affect both Windows and macOS users

The company said it was not aware of any exploits in the wild for any of the documented issues.

The security-themed updates also cover critical code execution vulnerabilities in Adobe Illustrator (Windows and macOS); code execution and memory leak software defects in Adobe Substance 3D Painter; an arbitrary code execution bug in Adobe Aero;  and critical issues in the Adobe Animate software.

The company also shipped patches for Adobe Framemaker and Adobe Dreamweaver (Windows and MacOS).

Here’s a full summary Adobe’s May batch of security patches:

APSB24-29: Adobe Acrobat and Reader

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  • CVE Numbers Addressed: CVE-2024-30284, CVE-2024-30310, CVE-2024-34094, CVE-2024-34095, CVE-2024-34096, CVE-2024-34097, CVE-2024-34098, CVE-2024-34099, CVE-2024-34100, CVE-2024-30311, CVE-2024-30312, CVE-2024-34101
  • Number of CVEs: 12
  • Affected Versions: 24.002.20736 and earlier, 20.005.30574 and earlier
  • Platform: Windows, macOS

APSB24-30: Adobe Illustrator

  • CVE Numbers Addressed: CVE-2024-20791, CVE-2024-20792, CVE-2024-20793
  • Number of CVEs: 3
  • Affected Versions: 28.4 and earlier, 27.9.3 and earlier
  • Platform: Windows, macOS

APSB24-31: Adobe Substance 3D Painter

  • CVE Numbers Addressed: CVE-2024-30274, CVE-2024-30307, CVE-2024-30308, CVE-2024-30309
  • Number of CVEs: 4
  • Affected Versions: 9.1.2 and earlier
  • Platform: All

APSB24-33: Adobe Aero

  • CVE Number Addressed: CVE-2024-30275
  • Number of CVEs: 1
  • Affected Versions: 0.23.4 and earlier
  • Platform: Windows, macOS

APSB24-35: Adobe Substance 3D Designer

  • CVE Number Addressed: CVE-2024-30281
  • Number of CVEs: 1
  • Affected Versions: 13.1.1 and earlier
  • Platform: All

APSB24-36: Adobe Animate

  • CVE identifiers: CVE-2024-30282, CVE-2024-30293, CVE-2024-30294, CVE-2024-30298, CVE-2024-30295, CVE-2024-30296, CVE-2024-30297
  • Number of CVEs: 7
  • Affected Versions: 23.0.5 and earlier, 24.0.2 and earlier
  • Platform: Windows, macOS

APSB24-37: Adobe FrameMaker

  • CVE Numbers Addressed: CVE-2024-30283, CVE-2024-30286, CVE-2024-30287, CVE-2024-30288, CVE-2024-30289, CVE-2024-30290, CVE-2024-30291, CVE-2024-30292
  • Number of CVEs: 8
  • Affected Versions: 2020 Release Update 5 and earlier, 2022 Release Update 3 and earlier
  • Platform: Windows

APSB24-39: Adobe Dreamweaver

  • CVE Number Addressed: CVE-2024-30314
  • Number of CVEs: 1
  • Affected Versions: 21.3 and earlier
  • Platform: Windows, macOS

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