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Cybercriminals are exploiting a decade-old OpenSSH vulnerability to turn IoT devices into proxies and use them to route malicious traffic [Read More]
MITRE is offering $50,000 for a simple and affordable solution for detecting rogue IoT devices on a network [Read More]
Yahoo on Wednesday denied conducting mass email surveillance after a report alleging it built a special scanning program at the behest of US intelligence which sparked an outcry from privacy activists. [Read More]
Cisco warns customers of critical vulnerability in email security appliances caused by an interface that should have been removed after testing [Read More]
Security researchers have discovered numerous unpatched security vulnerabilities in the D-Link DWR-932B LTE router / access point, including backdoor accounts and default Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) PIN. [Read More]
The ultimate goal for many of IoT-focused malware is to build strong botnets in order to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, Symantec researchers warn. [Read More]
Researchers have demonstrated how hackers can access an organization’s internal network by leveraging vulnerabilities in Kerio Control firewalls [Read More]
A couple of critical and high severity vulnerabilities affecting Cisco’s Cloud Services Platform can be exploited by remote attackers for arbitrary command execution [Read More]
A vulnerability found by Cisco after analyzing the Shadow Brokers exploits appears to affect more than 840,000 devices worldwide [Read More]
Cisco has found a zero-day vulnerability in IOS software after further analyzing the exploits leaked by Shadow Brokers [Read More]

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Marie Hattar's picture
Marie Hattar of Ixia looks at the growing armies of botnets, and how their tactics can be nullified using intelligent IP address filtering.
Erin O’Malley's picture
A security delivery platform delivers visibility into lateral movement of attackers, accelerates detection of data theft activity, and can reduce the overhead, complexity, and costs associated with security deployments.
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By following these best practice techniques, you can ensure that your security architecture maximizes your company’s overall security posture and its efficiency.
David Holmes's picture
SWEET32 is probably not something that an enterprise administrator needs to lose sleep over. Very likely, we will never see a SWEET32 attack in the wild, just as we never have for POODLE or BEAST.
Ken McAlpine's picture
Perhaps it’s time to look at Open Security as the next necessary iteration of deploying security technology.
Wade Williamson's picture
A data center will often encounter an attacker at a far more mature phase of attack than the perimeter will, and likewise, will experience different types of threats and attack techniques.
David Holmes's picture
SSL/TLS-encrypted traffic has become so common today that the attack communication with bots now goes undetected by these security solutions.
Erin O’Malley's picture
To understand SIEM, it’s important to first understand when people started to care about network security. And to do that, we need to take a step back in time.
Jennifer Blatnik's picture
Listen to your coach. Similar to the Olympics, a CSO or CISO needs to be able to lead their team and consider the impact they will have on the broader organization.
Nathaniel Gleicher's picture
Cybersecurity defenders face a similar problem to the Secret Service: they are defending high-value assets that must be protected, but also have to speak to hundreds or thousands of other servers.