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Verdasys Launches Cloud-Based Managed Data Loss Protection Service

Verdasys, a Waltham, Massachusetts-based provider of information security solutions for businesses, this week announced global availability of the Verdasys Managed Service for Information Protection (MSIP), a cloud-based managed service for protecting sensitive data.

Targeted at organizations with 1,000 or more employees, MSIP is deployed, configured and administered by Verdasys through the MSIP Secure Cloud, eliminating the need for substantial investments in infrastructure and specialized staff.

VerdasysThe new service is built on Verdasys’ Digital Guardian platform, a data protection and risk management solution, and is now available as an annual subscription that does not require significant investments in infrastructure and specialized staff to manage.

Features include IP and trade secret protection, insider threat management, advanced data risk analysis and policy enforcement, PII/PCI & PHI compliance, advanced cyber defense and management of export control restrictions.

The platform currently supports Linux, Mac OS Citrix and Windows.

“We needed to quickly and successfully deploy Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to meet critical data sharing requirements for a major aerospace equipment provider,” said Scott Glass, Vice President and General Manager, Aerospace & Industrial Equipment, for CDI Corporation in Tempe, AZ. " The Verdasys cloud-based MSIP provided a dedicated team of experts to build and manage our entire data protection program from risk analysis through our own custom rule creation and control to successful rollout. We also eliminated months of DLP implementation time and with a managed service we lowered our costs by avoiding investments in our own hardware, software and headcount."

"With our managed service approach, customers are seeing up-to-the-minute data risk intelligence, with detail on exactly how data is being used down to the application, file or device type. We can show granular data events such as who moved what files to DropBox or even which users printed what to where and how often," said Verdasys Director of Operations for Managed Services Michael Parrella. "It's the job of the Verdasys MSIP team to show these risks to our customers, work with them to define appropriate data protection policies and then we build and deploy these policies as controls that mitigate the risk of data loss. Controls can include educational prompts, automated encryption or applications and file usage blocking, and this can all be done without purchasing hardware or adding staff."

No sensitive content is transmitted or stored as part of the Verdasys MSIP service, the company explained, as event details are captured as metadata which is then encrypted, hashed, and digitally signed before being securely sent to Verdasys’ hosting facilities.

According to Verasys, the solution is ideal for any organization with sensitive customer, corporate or government information, and organizations where mobile and highly privileged users are essential to business processes and collaboration, particularly those in a secure supply chain or outsourcing environments.

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