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Gas stations exposed to remote hacker attacks due to several vulnerabilities found in a widely used automation system [Read More]
Security researchers have discovered a method of abusing the X.509 public key certificates standard for covert channel data exchange following initial system compromise. [Read More]
Three hacking tools supposedly stolen from the National Security Agency-linked Equation Group and made public last year were recently ported to Rapid7’s Metasploit Framework. [Read More]
Cisco reissues patches for critical vulnerability affecting its security appliances after finding new attack vectors and additional affected features [Read More]
Researchers uncover several potentially serious vulnerabilities in ManageEngine IT management products [Read More]
Several security researchers and firms have disclosed potentially serious vulnerabilities they found in Asus routers [Read More]
Tenable and Cylance reported significant revenue growth for 2017 - Tenable announced $189 million in revenue (50% growth) and Cylance $100 million (177% growth) [Read More]
Cisco patches critical remote code execution and denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability in security devices running ASA software [Read More]
The top three banks in the Netherlands, and the Dutch Revenue Service, have been targeted in multiple cyber attacks over the past week, blocking access to websites and internet banking services. [Read More]
Israel-based railway cybersecurity startup Cylus emerges from stealth mode with $4.7 million in seed funding [Read More]

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Blending in with legitimate users, attackers can infiltrate organizations and dwell inside networks for months or even years without being detected.
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Several tech vendors have been added to the list of vendors vulnerable to a variation on the Bleichenbacher attack called the ROBOT attack.
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Detecting compromises requires monitoring a series of activities over time. Unfortunately, most security tools only have visibility into a certain set of activities and cannot see and comprehend the entire kill chain.
Marc Solomon's picture
There’s no reason that 2018 should be another year where attackers continue to successfully exploit the known.
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Cybercriminals have begun to leverage automation and machine learning in their attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).
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Organizations still using the legacy approaches from a year ago to five years ago are consistently outpaced and forced to play catch-up.
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It is important to have a prioritized list of vulnerabilities based on the threats to your organization; this list will be different for each company based on their environment and risk profile.
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Here are six things every organization needs to consider when approaching security, especially during the chaos and time pressures of a network undergoing digital transformation.
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DUHK and ROCA are both implementation-specific vulnerabilities concerning one of my favorite topics, random number generators.
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If you’re among the majority taking an architectural approach to consolidate security vendors then remember, your best defense is a good offense.