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A surge in malicious login attempts is likely to be a flood of credential lists in the criminal marketplace, the attractiveness of financial data, and a more general shift in criminal credential abuse towards targeting API logins. [Read More]
Microsoft this week announced the general availability of Microsoft Threat Protection, its integrated security solution aimed at offering protection across users, email, applications, and endpoints. [Read More]
Fidelis Cybersecurity has announced a raft of enhancements to its Fidelis Elevate platform, which comprises a network product, an endpoint product, and a deception product. [Read More]
Wandera has warned that document management apps made by Cometdocs can expose users’ files, but the vendor has disputed the severity of the findings and has threatened legal action against reporters. [Read More]
Social media threat protection firm ZeroFOX has raised $74 million, which brings the total funding raised by the company to $154.2 million. [Read More]
Amazon-owned home security and smart home company Ring this week announced new security and privacy features for all of its users. [Read More]
Users in 10 countries can now take advantage of the hardware based two-factor authentication (2FA) functionality offered by Google's Titan Security Keys. [Read More]
It is important to inspect network traffic and check TLS certificate details, while also paying attention to unusual or unexpected volumes of https traffic to unknown domains or using invalid or forged TLS certificates. [Read More]
Enveil, a data security company focused on securing data in use, has secured $10 million in Series A funding. [Read More]
Egnyte's new content services platform provides content governance, privacy, compliance, and workflow automation. [Read More]

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The ability to look deeply into user and system behavior and identify the smallest anomaly will become the essential toolkit to stem the tide of fraud and theft in financial services.
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Physical and virtual security appliances traditionally suffer from performance challenges, especially when it comes to critical functions such as inspecting encrypted traffic.
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As the technology and tools to leverage stolen credentials advance, defenders should seek out innovative new ways to proactively flag exposed passwords leveraging insights gleaned from illicit communities and open-web dumps.
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As the workforce continues to evolve, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for different identity and access management needs across organizations.
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Outpacing your security capacity with digital innovation is a formula for disaster that may take you out of the running in today’s highly competitive digital marketplace entirely.
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CISOs are increasingly cognizant of the value deep integration of threat intelligence can bring to cloud protection platforms and bottom-line operational budgets.
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Perimeter-based security, which focuses on securing endpoints, firewalls, and networks, provides no protection against identity- and credential-based threats.
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Retailers should ensure that they are proactively scanning for vulnerabilities in the website, as well as deploying a solution to monitor traffic.
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Deep visibility allows organizations to see how different pieces of the overall cyber terrain are communicating with one another, enabling them to highlight potential or existing attack vectors.
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Use of artificial intelligence (AI) will change the role of security teams, and improve companies’ ability to defend their data and networks from future compromises, breaches, and sabotage.