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A newly discovered set of compromised login details contains roughly 773 million email addresses, Australian web security expert Troy Hunt reveals. [Read More]
A storage server configured for public access was found to expose terabytes of data belonging to the Oklahoma Department of Securities. [Read More]
ERP cybersecurity company Onapsis enters agreement to acquire one of its biggest competitors, Virtual Forge. [Read More]
An IDOR vulnerability in an Amadeus reservation system could expose information on the customers of hundreds of airlines around the world. [Read More]
The number of US government domains for which security certificates were left to expire due to the government shutdown has exceeded 130. One impacted domain belongs to the White House. [Read More]
In an effort to improve the security of websites, WordPress will display a warning starting in April 2019 when encountering outdated PHP versions. [Read More]
Email security firm Zix will acquire AppRiver, a provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions, for $275 million in cash. [Read More]
ForeScout researchers create PoC malware that demonstrates how malicious actors could hack smart buildings and building automation systems. [Read More]
Cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) provider OneLogin has raised $100 million in financing in a recent funding round. The company has now secured over $170 million in funding to date. [Read More]
Cloud security company Sonrai emerges from stealth mode with $18.5 million obtained in a Series A funding round. [Read More]

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Ashley Arbuckle's picture
Network segmentation can be challenging to implement, scale, and manage. But, you shouldn’t let this reality prevent you from moving forward.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
A business risk intelligence (BRI) program needs to understand and account for the different categories of risk faced by all business functions across an enterprise.
John Maddison's picture
In an SD-WAN environment, security needs to not only protect data and resources, but also ensure that performance and controlling costs are preserved.
Torsten George's picture
While implementing Zero Trust is a journey that cannot be achieved over night, it also doesn’t require a complete redesign of existing network architectures.
Laurence Pitt's picture
Failure to implement basic cybersecurity hygiene practices will leave retailers vulnerable to damage and fines during a lucrative time for their businesses.
Torsten George's picture
With 2019 just around the corner, organizations should examine their overall cyber security and identity management strategies and align them to address the #1 cause of today’s data breach — privileged access abuse.
John Maddison's picture
Organizations need to anticipate threats and target the economic motivations of cybercriminals in order to force them back to the drawing board.
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In the ever more complicated world of modern IT networks, visibility is the increasingly pressing challenge that security teams need to solve to stop cyber attacks.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Organizations need to continually evaluate where each effort stands in relation to its allotted budget and schedule, along with the value it brings to the organization’s security posture.
Marc Solomon's picture
Adversaries are increasingly masterful at taking advantage of these seams between technologies and teams to infiltrate organizations and remain below the radar.