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Offensive Security Acquires Cybersecurity Training Project VulnHub

Information security training and certification provider Offensive Security this week announced the acquisition of VulnHub, an open-source catalog of security training resources.

Headquartered in New York City and active since 2007, Offensive Security offers security counseling and training, including penetration testing and digital forensics. The company is also known for the creation of Kali Linux and for the Exploit Database and Metasploit Unleashed projects.

Founded in 2012, VulnHub helps anyone practice with digital security and learn new skills by enabling them to easily set up private labs where they can practice. The VulnHub platform is used by governments, schools, and universities, for training purposes.

The open-source hub includes a range of IT assets designed to be legally hackable and exploitable. Thus, professionals can use their penetration testing skills in a controlled environment.

The new acquisition, OffSec says, falls in line with its focus on delivering practical training content to all those who want to become cyber-security professionals.

“With OffSec’s backing, VulnHub now has an opportunity to grow to its full potential. As before, we hope that the community will continue to come together to help each other learn, either by making new material or providing walkthroughs or solutions,” the company says.

Following the acquisition, OffSec will continue to provide the VulnHub content for free, in line with the company’s commitment to open source.

Additionally, the company plans on offering more open source tools to security professionals looking for hands-on experience, including the aforementioned Kali Linux, Exploit DB, and Metasploit Unleashed.

“Over time, we will work toward an expansion of the services available on VulnHub and its integration with OffSec products. The goal of any changes will be to expand accessibility to information security training resources to as many people as possible,” the company said.

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