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Mimecast Acquires Messaging Security Provider MessageControl

Email and data security provider Mimecast on Thursday announced the acquisition of messaging security company MessageControl.

Also known as eTorch, the Chicago-based MessageControl was founded in 2015 with a focus on preventing social engineering and identity attacks.

The acquisition, Mimecast says, will strengthen its Email Security 3.0 strategy, which seeks to provide enhanced security at email perimeter and beyond, and within the enterprise.

By combining the existing technology of Mimecast and MessageControl, the company aims to protect productivity apps from phishing and impersonation assaults. Loss of sensitive and confidential data should be prevented as well, the company says.

Key capabilities that MessageControl will bring to the table include identification of anomalous behavior using machine learning, contextual email warnings in real-time, and the ability to prevent the accidental sending of information to the wrong recipients.

“MessageControl is a natural complement to Mimecast’s suite of cyber resilience solutions – from email and web security through brand protection, security awareness training, and data protection. Its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities will offer additional layers of defense by evolving and ‘learning’ the customer environment and user behaviors over time,” Peter Bauer, chief executive officer at Mimecast, commented.

Mimecast refrained from disclosing the financial terms of the deal, but said that the acquisition won’t impact its fiscal 2021 revenue or adjusted EBITDA.

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