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Senators have recently introduced and reintroduced bills whose goal is to help the U.S. government address the shortage of cybersecurity expertise. [Read More]
Researchers demonstrate that Intel’s SGX technology can be abused to hide an advanced piece of malware that can allow attackers to steal data and conduct activities on the victim’s behalf. [Read More]
Email provider VFEmail was hit by a destructive attack, where a hacker who accessed its network was able to erase its servers in the United States, including the backup systems. [Read More]
Application security firm ShiftLeft raises $20 million in Series B funding round, which brings the total raised by the company to nearly $30 million. [Read More]
Bot protection firm PerimeterX raises $43 million in a Series C funding round, which brings the total raised by the company to over $77 million. [Read More]
The latest version of Chrome OS puts the Shill network manager in a sandbox and removes its root privileges. [Read More]
Tenable’s new Predictive Prioritization service is designed to help customers of its vulnerability management offering prioritize flaws that have the greatest likelihood of being exploited. [Read More]
The Swiss government has launched a public bug bounty program with rewards of up to $50,000 for its e-voting systems. Researchers from all around the world invited to participate. [Read More]
There are over 7,400 instances of a refrigeration system exposed on the Internet due to the failure of owners to change the default password and implement other security measures. [Read More]
A survey of over 650 people from organizations of all sizes in various sectors reveals the security, safety and privacy challenges and concerns related to IT/OT/IIoT convergence. [Read More]

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Companies in China are facing many of the same threats that your organization faces today, but they are addressing these threats at a massive scale, on emerging platforms, and with innovative approaches that we can learn from.
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The ability to customize threat intelligence scores allows you to prioritize threats to your organization and reevaluate and reprioritize as new data and context becomes available.
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The ultimate demonstration of the value proposition of cybersecurity will come when CISOs have fully integrated their cyber risk quantification work into the organization’s enterprise risk management program.
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Outsourcing security has been gaining popularity as a way to ensure defense-in-depth across distributed network environments—in spite of the security skills shortage and growing cyber threat challenge.
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In some instances, it is precisely because we are so familiar and comfortable with something that makes us incapable of seeing that there is a better way.
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A business risk intelligence (BRI) program needs to understand and account for the different categories of risk faced by all business functions across an enterprise.
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Organizations that continuously monitor their digital footprint and understand their online exposure will be the most effective at mitigating digital risk in the new year.
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Before implementing a new process, making a big decision, or changing policies and procedures, you should seek a second opinion.
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As security professionals, we must keep learning from and building on these top five trends to create a more secure future.
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Most organizations have more intelligence than they know what to do with. What’s lacking is a way to aggregate all this data in one manageable location where it can be translated into a uniform format for analysis and action.