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CBS's "60 Minutes" Features Stuxnet Story on Sunday

Cybersecurity and hacking incidents have made a significant shift over the past two years from previously only being reported in technology-focused publications, to now often covered by mainstream media. While the Stuxnet worm is nothing new to information security professionals, CBS's “60 Minutes” will broadcast a segment on topic of Stuxnet this Sunday and bring the incident to the attention of milllions of Americans.

“A retired American general who was the head of the Central Intelligence Agency when Stuxnet would have been created calls the cyber weapon a "good idea," but warns it is out there now for others to exploit,” CBS said in a preview of this week’s upcoming broadcast. While many SecurityWeek readers have deep knowledge of, and have read up on Stuxnet since its discovery in the summer of 2010, this episode will certainly be interesting to watch.

Update: The broadcast from Sunday, March4, 2012 is embedded below.

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