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Incident Response

Meta has developed a ten-phase cyber kill chain model that it believes will be more inclusive and more effective than the existing range of...

Incident Response

Threat actors really only stop when their infrastructure is disrupted and their flow of funds disappears.

New CISA Tool ‘Decider’ Maps Attacker Behavior to ATT&CK Framework

Incident Response

CISA has released a free and open source tool that makes it easier to map an attacker’s TTPs to the Mitre ATT&CK framework.

Vulnerabilities Being Exploited Faster Than Ever: Analysis

Threat Intelligence

The time from vulnerability disclosure to exploitation is decreasing, according to a new intelligence report from Rapid7.


As it evolves, web3 will contain and increase all the security issues of web2 – and perhaps add a few more.

Data Protection

The cryptopocalypse is the point at which quantum computing becomes powerful enough to use Shor’s algorithm to crack PKI encryption.