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The Olympic Games is only 29 days long, so set up and take down is a very intense period, where the threat actors can...


Without tuning your approach to fit your sector, amongst other variables, you’ll be faced with an unmanageable amount of noise.

Resurgence of Ransomware: Mandiant Observes Sharp Rise in Criminal Extortion Tactics


Mandiant saw an increase in ransomware activity in 2023 compared to 2022, including a 75% increase in posts on data leak sites.

Supply Chain Security

Attackers are getting more sophisticated, better armed, and faster. Nothing in Rapid7's 2024 Attack Intelligence Report suggests that this will change.

Watch on Demand: Threat Detection and Incident Response (TDIR) Summit

Threat Intelligence

SecurityWeek’s Threat Detection and Incident Response (TDIR) Summit takes place on Wednesday, May 22nd as a fully immersive virtual summit.

SOCRadar Raises $25M Series B for Threat Intel Tech


Delaware startup secures a $25 million Series B funding round from PeakSpan Capital and Oxx. SOCRadar has raised to $30.2 million to date.