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Weakening liberal democracies and weakening the NATO alliance are conjoined in the hybrid war that Russia is conducting against Ukraine.


Germany recalled its ambassador to Russia for a week of consultations in Berlin following an alleged hacker attack on Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party.

US Cyber Command Appoints Morgan Adamski as Executive Director


United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) has named Ms. Morgan M. Adamski as Executive Director effective June 2024.

German Foreign Minister Says Russia will Face Consequences for Monthslong Cyber Espionage


Germany accused Russian military agents of hacking the top echelons of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party and other government and industrial targets.

Hackers Claim to Have Infiltrated Belarus’ Main Security Service


A Belarusian hacker activist group claims to have infiltrated the network of the country’s main KGB security agency and accessed personnel files of over...


Four Iranians are accused of hacking into critical systems at the Departments of Treasury and State and dozens of private US companies.