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The details of hundreds of thousands of PageGroup customers were exposed online by Capgemini [Read More]
A new survey and report shows strong faith but poor confidence in current data analytics. [Read More]
By exploiting an SAP vulnerability, an attacker could obtain information such as usernames, user IDs and even emails (provided that the user offered this piece of information). [Read More]
A database of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service was inadvertently made accessible online, exposing the personal information of 550,000 donors [Read More]
R3 announced that its Corda platform source code will be released as open-source to the Hyperledger project -- a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project seeking to advance blockchain technology. [Read More]
Website builder service Weebly confirms data breach. Details of over 43 million users stolen by hackers [Read More]
A recently conducted security assessment of VeraCrypt has revealed over 25 security vulnerabilities in the popular encryption platform, including a critical cryptography flaw. [Read More]
Mooltipass Mini is a hardware-based solution that helps consumers and enterprise users safely store and manage their passwords [Read More]
NSA contractor Harold Martin, while working at Booz Allen Hamilton for the NSA, was arrested late August, accused of stealing secret documents. [Read More]
The Clinton Foundation has denied being hacked by Guccifer 2.0 and some evidence suggests that the hacker’s claims could be false [Read More]

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To reduce the chances of falling victim to an insider-driven breach, security and risk professionals should start by learning what their available data can tell them.
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The cloud is here to stay, and so long as employees use cloud apps from within an organization’s firewall, we’ll always have to wrangle with Shadow IT, Shadow Data and the attendant problems and risks.
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Beginning November 30, 2016, DoD third party contractors will be required to establish and maintain an insider threat program.
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This article explains how to encrypt data in a Hadoop cluster. The tools are available, and if you are brave enough, you could attempt this at home.
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A common misconception about native HDFS encryption is the belief that the data is encrypted when written to disk on the data nodes like most disk encryption solutions.
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Google Dorking can be used to identify vulnerable systems and trace them to a specific place on the Internet.
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Enterprises have to worry about the surface area that is open for attack and the challenge of detecting attacks quickly when they are occurring. In every instance simplification will help.
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Data science and machine learning models can assess large groups of cyber threats to find the subtle traits they have in common to better protect organizations.
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The value of identifying your organization’s information out on the Dark Web can serve as a first-line indicator of a new breach that otherwise may go undetected for long periods of time.
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DLP provides a range of business benefits, including compliance support and intellectual property protection. The concept isn’t a new one, but the ability to put it to use in an easier, more viable manner is.