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Hackers breached servers of paid-to-click service ClixSense and stole 6.6 million user records and source code [Read More]
Over 320,000 financial records likely stolen from payment processor BlueSnap or its customer Regpack, but neither of them admit being breached [Read More]
Hackers breached the systems of Russian instant messaging service QIP in 2011 and stole the details of 33 million users [Read More]
Hackers stole nearly 100 million accounts from the popular Russian web portal Rambler [Read More]
Hackers breached the systems of Canada-based PoS software provider Lightspeed and accessed customer information [Read More]
The details of 43 million users were stolen in the data breach suffered by the company back in 2012 [Read More]
Identity management firm OneLogin suffers data breach. Attackers may have accessed sensitive user data exposed due to a logging flaw [Read More]
Researchers show how an unmodified USB device can be used as an RF transmitter to steal data from air-gapped computers [Read More]
The FBI has issued an alert detailing the methods used by malicious actors in attacks aimed at the election systems of two U.S. states [Read More]
Attackers may have gained access to Opera Sync usernames and passwords after breaching one of the company’s servers [Read More]

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This article explains how to encrypt data in a Hadoop cluster. The tools are available, and if you are brave enough, you could attempt this at home.
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A common misconception about native HDFS encryption is the belief that the data is encrypted when written to disk on the data nodes like most disk encryption solutions.
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Google Dorking can be used to identify vulnerable systems and trace them to a specific place on the Internet.
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Enterprises have to worry about the surface area that is open for attack and the challenge of detecting attacks quickly when they are occurring. In every instance simplification will help.
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Data science and machine learning models can assess large groups of cyber threats to find the subtle traits they have in common to better protect organizations.
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The value of identifying your organization’s information out on the Dark Web can serve as a first-line indicator of a new breach that otherwise may go undetected for long periods of time.
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DLP provides a range of business benefits, including compliance support and intellectual property protection. The concept isn’t a new one, but the ability to put it to use in an easier, more viable manner is.
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After designating 2014 as “The Year of the Mega-Breach,” the security community hoped to bring awareness to the challenge of protecting customer data. As it turns out, the breaches of 2015 make the previous year’s ones pale in comparison.
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How many devices are showing up at the office this week that are an always-on conduit to your network from some external third party you really shouldn’t be trusting?
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Ron Rivest, the inventor of RC4, has improved the RC4 algorithm by adding a third index variable k and moving i through the array more quickly. This new, improved RC4 is called Spritz.