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Qatar National Bank (QNB) launches investigation after someone leaked data allegedly stolen from its systems [Read More]
Researcher discovers publicly accessible database containing 93 million records associated with Mexican voters [Read More]
A draft of an encryption bill proposed by U.S. senators has been heavily criticized by experts who say it’s flawed and dangerous [Read More]
Experts comment on implications of Panama Papers incident and how such breaches can be avoided [Read More]
A report has claimed that there are vulnerabilities in the US Consular Consolidated Database (CCD) that contains personal details from everyone who has applied for a US visa over the past twenty years. [Read More]
A massive data leak from Panama Law Firm Mossack contains 2.6 terabytes of data, including 4.8 million emails, 2.2 million PDFs, and millions more images and text documents. [Read More]
Data protection startup Vera has launched its new cloud-based Information Rights Management (IRM) platform. [Read More]
The personal details of thousands of foreign nationals living in southern Thailand were briefly leaked online in what the site's developer admitted was a data breach during a test for police. [Read More]
A survey conducted among IT security pros at US federal agencies shows that most of them feel their organization is vulnerable to data threats [Read More]
Updates released by Apple for iOS and OS X patch serious flaws that can be exploited to decrypt content sent via iMessage [Read More]

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Bill Sweeney's picture
Enterprises have to worry about the surface area that is open for attack and the challenge of detecting attacks quickly when they are occurring. In every instance simplification will help.
Wade Williamson's picture
Data science and machine learning models can assess large groups of cyber threats to find the subtle traits they have in common to better protect organizations.
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The value of identifying your organization’s information out on the Dark Web can serve as a first-line indicator of a new breach that otherwise may go undetected for long periods of time.
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DLP provides a range of business benefits, including compliance support and intellectual property protection. The concept isn’t a new one, but the ability to put it to use in an easier, more viable manner is.
David Holmes's picture
After designating 2014 as “The Year of the Mega-Breach,” the security community hoped to bring awareness to the challenge of protecting customer data. As it turns out, the breaches of 2015 make the previous year’s ones pale in comparison.
Rafal Los's picture
How many devices are showing up at the office this week that are an always-on conduit to your network from some external third party you really shouldn’t be trusting?
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Ron Rivest, the inventor of RC4, has improved the RC4 algorithm by adding a third index variable k and moving i through the array more quickly. This new, improved RC4 is called Spritz.
Marc Solomon's picture
To ensure you understand and can address the main security challenges cloud apps can introduce to your organization, you need additional visibility and context.
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Retailers must adopt a threat-centric approach to security with protection along the full attack continuum – before, during, and after an attack.
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In the case of Hilary Clinton's personal email server, we know that Top Secret information was transmitted over a network that likely wasn’t equipped to safeguard it. If her server was a target of foreign state actors, the implications are frightening.