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McAfee Releases Free Security Plug-in for MySQL Databases

In an effort to help users get a better idea of the security status of their MySQL databases, McAfee today released a free open-source audit plug-in that provides detailed database activity audits and helps satisfy audit requirements for the wildly popular open source database platform.

McAfee promises that the software-only implementation is easy to deploy and is highly scalable, and ideal for protecting and monitoring MySQL databases in the cloud, with key features including:

McAfeeVisibility into database vulnerabilities: Insight into the security posture of each and every database in the environment

Real-time protection across all multiple vectors: The non- intrusive plug-in requires no changes to the existing database and network architecture and offers reliable protection for databases from malicious or unauthorized activity across all threat vectors

Compliance without downtime: Using McAfee virtual patching for databases, security updates can be made without having to take applications offline

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“McAfee developed the free database audit plug-in to give the community of MySQL users a means of building enterprise-level database security around their databases,” said Dan Sarel, vice president of Database Security Product Management at McAfee.

The free open-source MySQL audit plug-in supports such databases including Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL and DB2.

Users interested in downloading and testing the plug-in can get it from Github here.

Sean Roth and Slavik Markovich, both part of McAfee’s database security team, demonstrate the plug-in in a video here.

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