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Infographic Summarizes News of The World Phone Hacking Scandal

Veracode today shared a newly created infographic that summarizes the techniques News of the World reporters used to pull off nefarious schemes including bribery, cracking insecure passwords, caller ID spoofing and social engineering.

The infographic, titled, “News of the Scandal: The Story That Destroyed a 168 Year Old Newspaper” provides a detailed timeline with pivotal events, key players and technology-enabled privacy breaches that destroyed the 168 year old publication.

So, have you thought about how vulnerable you may be to cell phone hacks?

Phone Hacking Scandal


“While the News of the World story has many layers to it, packed with intrigue and scandal and poor decision-making, there’s also very interesting security and privacy angles to it that made the infographic especially appealing to us from a technology perspective,” said Connie Stack, Veracode’s vice president of corporate marketing.


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