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Markus Jakobsson

Markus Jakobsson is a Principal Scientist at Palo Alto Research Center. He has previously been Principal Research Scientist at RSA Laboratories, Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs, Associate Professor at Indiana University, and Adjunct Associate Professor at New York University. He holds a PhD in computer science from University of California at San Diego.

Recent articles by Markus Jakobsson

  • In 1998, Intel announced the introduction of processor identities. Anti-fraud practitioners celebrated, security experts busied themselves thinking of the research implications, and privacy advocates were terrified...
  • Web site passwords are frustrating to many, especially on mobile devices, where entering them is time-consuming and error prone.
  • We designed and performed an experiment that allows us to take the pulse on Nigerian scammers. Are the scammers really from Nigeria? What do they want, and how do they get it?
  • When a new disease surfaces among humans or animals, the first thing we notice are the patterns of spread – not the structure of its DNA.
  • Anti-virus products scan for malware in two ways. They look for sequences of bits that are found in programs that are known to be “evil” (but which are not commonly found in “good” programs)...