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Cylance adds AWS support to its CylancePROTECT endpoint security solution to help organizations secure cloud environments [Read More]
Microsoft has unveiled several enhancements to its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) product to improve its protection capabilities. [Read More]
BlackBerry has agreed to acquire next-generation endpoint security firm Cylance for US $1.4 billion in cash. [Read More]
Mozilla has added a new feature to Firefox to alert users when they visit a website that has been part of a data breach in the past. [Read More]
Microsoft releases guidance on enforcing software encryption in Windows after researchers break the full-disk encryption feature of popular SSDs [Read More]
Microsoft announces that Windows Defender can now run in a sandbox to further improve the application’s resistance against attacks [Read More]
Cybersecurity solutions provider Fortinet completes acquisition of insider threat detection and response company ZoneFox [Read More]
Super Micro tells customers and SEC that Bloomberg’s Chinese spy chips story is wrong [Read More]
London, UK-based Garrison Technologies has raised approximately $30 million in Series B funding. Garrison provides hardware-based web isolation that allows users free and unrestricted -- but secure -- access to the internet. [Read More]
Industry professionals comment on reports that China planted spy chips in Super Micro servers used by Amazon, Apple and many other organizations in the US [Read More]

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By implementing these measures organizations can limit their exposure to remote access-based cyber threats, while supporting agile business models such as remote work and outsourced IT.
Siggi Stefnisson's picture
Ninety percent of breaches may begin with an email, but today most of the action happens well after an inbound email has been scanned and delivered.
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It is essential to understand exactly what is meant by machine learning so you can quickly differentiate between those solutions that actually provide the technology you need to stay ahead in the cyber war arms race, and those capitalizing on market hype.
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With all of our collective focus on machine learning, we simply can’t overlook human learning’s critical role in guarding against attack and protecting the organization.
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If a particular product blocks 99% of all threats, that probably means that product fails to detect the most dangerous threat: targeted attacks.
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Jack Danahy, co-founder and CTO of Barkly, attempts to clarify what is and what is not machine learning in endpoint security
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Endpoint protection will never be able to catch up with “known wolves,” but machine learning and artificial perception can change the rules of engagement with models of “known good.”
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It seems as though competing vendors spend more of their marketing dollars describing the insufficiency of existing solutions than they do explaining the added value that their new advancements bring.
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There’s a difference between “nice-to-have” security products and “must-have” security products. The “must-haves” are critical to protecting organizations from cyber attacks.
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It’s hard keeping criminals from infiltrating networks, much less worrying that users will simply open the door to bad guys by letting their guard down.