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Threat Intelligence

Meta removed three foreign influence operations from the Facebook platform during Q3, 2023. Two were Chinese in origin, and one was Russian, the company...


The top five categories of Bad Bot attacks are fake account creation, account takeovers, scraping, account management, and in-product abuse.

Threat Intelligence

To share or not to share threat intelligence isn’t the question. It’s how to share, what to share, where and with whom.

State-Backed Hackers a Threat to Australia, Agency Warns


The AUKUS partnership, with its focus on nuclear submarines and other advanced military capabilities, is likely a target for state actors looking to steal...

Microsoft Warns of Critical Bugs Being Exploited in the Wild

Incident Response

Patch Tuesday: Redmond’s security response team flags two vulnerabilities -- CVE-2023-36033 and CVE-2023-36036 -- already being exploited in the wild.

Censys Banks $75M for Attack Surface Management Technology

Application Security

Michigan startup raises $75 million in new funding as venture capital investors bet big on attack surface management technologies.