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BlackBerry has committed to releasing monthly security patches for its Android-based PRIV smartphones to resolve vulnerabilities discovered in the popular mobile operating system.
Trojanized adware designed to root Android devices has been found hidden in over 20,000 popular applications, Lookout reports.
Google researchers find 11 high-impact flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung patched most of the issues.
Hackers breached the systems of anti-adblocking service PageFair and used the access to deliver malware
BlackBerry has completed the $425 million cash acquisition of secure mobility solutions provider Good Technology.
Authorities in five European countries said Thursday they had staged a coordinated swoop on suspected users of spy malware that gives remote access to other people's smartphones.
Google has stepped up the security of its Android operating system with the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow by requiring manufacturers to enable full-disk encryption out-of-the-box for new devices.
Apple is removing applications that collect personal data in violation of the company's privacy policies from its AppStore.
Apple on Friday rid its App Store of some applications that it said could snoop on people's data and posed a security threat.
Google on Monday released a security update for Nexus devices, aimed at resolving critical "Stagefright 2.0." vulnerabilities the media playback engine in Android.

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Applying a zero trust model to mobile and the right security controls at the app level could align productivity and security. But the bottom line is that it’s no longer about the device; it’s about the applications.
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We can attempt to predict the future, but without proper security measures in place, data breaches are bound to happen. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if a breach will occur, but when.
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When determining how risky an app is, we must consider intentional features within these permissions to determine whether or not they’re a risk to the enterprise.
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At the end of the day, the kill switch will not only decrease the amount of people mugged for their phones because there is little net value in the device itself, but it will also provide individuals with the means to wipe the device of personal information.
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