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Researchers from Proofpoint say they recently discovered a rogue app store that lets iOS device users download apps from a catalog offering more than 1 million apps, without having to jailbreak their device. [Read More]
Silicon Valley-based Macate unveiled GATCA Elite cyberphone, a security-focused smartphone that combines advanced security and encryption features. [Read More]
Silent Circle updates Blackphone OS to patch a modem vulnerability that could have been exploited to hack devices [Read More]
Despite increased threats targeting mobile devices, many users fail to properly protect their smartphones and tablets, a recent report from Kaspersky Lab reveals. [Read More]
After saying that it would cease offering services in Pakistan after refusing a government demand for a backdoor into its encrypted communication service, BlackBerry said it will now continue service in the market. [Read More]
Researchers at Symantec have discovered a new piece of Android malware that drops and runs a firewall binary called DroidWall on compromised devices to prevent security applications from connecting to their services. [Read More]
Vulnerabilities found in the Target Android application exposed user information including wish list items, user names, addresses, and email addresses. [Read More]
Google has launched Google Safe Browsing technology in its Chrome browser for Android, a feature meant to keep users safe from malware, unwanted software, and social engineering sites. [Read More]
Google on Monday released its December 2015 Nexus Security Bulletin to patch 19 known vulnerabilities in the Android operating system, five of which are rated Critical. [Read More]
Open Whisper Systems announced the release of Signal Desktop, their encrypted messaging application for desktop computers. [Read More]

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While flexibility offers countless benefits for corporations and their employees, this new emphasis on mobility has also introduced a new set of risks, and this in turn re-ignites a focus on endpoint security.
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Applying a zero trust model to mobile and the right security controls at the app level could align productivity and security. But the bottom line is that it’s no longer about the device; it’s about the applications.
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DDoS continues to wax and wane in unpredictable cycles, but the ecosystem has evolved to keep it out of the mobile space.
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The mobile strategist will play a pivotal role in mobile integration, as they pave the way for the organizations to do so purposefully and securely.
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After the rounds of predictions for 2014, I had bet my colleague that if no mobile DDoS appeared this year, we’d stop talking about it. And it looks like we can.
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While mobile security remains at the top of every CISO’s priority list this year, enterprises have quickly begun to realize that mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) are not enough to keep data safe.
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From what to support to how to ensure the security of mobile apps and data, enterprises are banging their heads against the wall to find a solution to secure mobile.
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We can attempt to predict the future, but without proper security measures in place, data breaches are bound to happen. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if a breach will occur, but when.
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When determining how risky an app is, we must consider intentional features within these permissions to determine whether or not they’re a risk to the enterprise.
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At the end of the day, the kill switch will not only decrease the amount of people mugged for their phones because there is little net value in the device itself, but it will also provide individuals with the means to wipe the device of personal information.