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Zoom Rolls Out 2FA Support for All Accounts

Video conferencing platform Zoom this week announced that all user accounts can now benefit from improved protection, courtesy of support for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

With 2FA enabled on their accounts, users should be protected from security breaches, including those that originate from the Zoom platform itself, the company claims.

For 2FA, Zoom supports authentication apps that use a Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) protocol (such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and FreeOTP), but can also deliver authentication codes via SMS or phone calls.

2FA, Zoom says, should deliver improved security to all organizations using its platform by reducing the risk of identity theft and breaches, should ensure compliance when the security of sensitive data and customer information is involved, and should reduce costs associated with the use of a Single Sign On (SSO) service.

The new layer of security can prevent bad actors from compromising accounts by simply guessing passwords, and should also make password management an easier task, the video conferencing platform says.

“Zoom offers a range of authentication methods such as SAML, OAuth, and/or password-based authentication, which can be individually enabled or disabled for an account,” the company says.

Account administrators looking to enable 2FA should sign into the Zoom Dashboard, go to the Security section in the Advanced menu, and make sure the “Sign in with Two-Factor Authentication” option is enabled.

Next, they can either enable 2FA for all users in the account, enable it for users with specific roles (they can also select the targeted roles), or enable it for users in specific groups (they need to choose the groups). The last step is to save the 2FA settings.

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