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Zoom Paid Out $1.8 Million in Bug Bounties in 2021

Video communications giant Zoom this week announced that it paid out roughly $1.8 million in bug bounty rewards in 2021.

The company launched its bug bounty program on the HackerOne platform in 2019, and says it has handed out more than $2.4 million in bounty payouts to date.

Although only 401 vulnerability reports were rewarded last year, the bug bounty program has attracted more than 800 hackers, the company says.

“This past year, our Vulnerability Management and Bug Bounty (VMBB) team focused on navigating a competitive recruitment landscape and attracting more ‘rock star’ security researchers to join our program by providing them with an excellent experience,” Zoom says.

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Throughout 2021, Zoom made a series of updates to its bug bounty program, such as making it clearer for hackers what bounty amounts their reports may qualify for, and increasing the top bounties to $50,000.

Also in 2021, Zoom launched a public Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP), allowing all researchers to submit vulnerability reports, and introduced a VIP Bug Bounty program, focused on the licensed versions of Zoom solutions.

Last year, the company also focused on improving response time and bounty payout time, and also hosted a series of meetings with security researchers.

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