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Zerodium Offers $500,000 For Messaging, Email App Exploits

Zerodium has made some changes to its exploit acquisition program and the company is now offering up to $500,000 for remote code execution and privilege escalation vulnerabilities affecting popular instant messaging and email applications.

The firm has decided to publish separate payout lists for mobile device exploits and desktop/server exploits. A remote jailbreak with no user interaction for iPhone is still worth up to $1.5 million, and up to $1 million can be earned for a similar exploit that involves some user interaction (e.g. clicking on a link or opening a file).

One of the most important changes to Zerodium’s program is the addition of email and instant messaging exploits. The company is prepared to offer up to half a million dollars for WeChat, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp and iMessage remote code execution and local privilege escalation exploits on Android and iOS.

The same amount is being offered for SMS/MMS flaws and exploits targeting default email apps on Android and iOS.

New entries in the mobile category also include baseband, and media file and document vulnerabilities that can be leveraged for remote code execution and privilege escalation. These exploits can earn up to $150,000.

Sandbox escapes, code signing bypass, kernel privilege escalation, SS7, and Wi-Fi exploits can earn up to $100,000. Zerodium is also prepared to pay a five-figure sum for other mobile-related exploits.

In the desktop and server systems category, the list of new entries includes a payout of up to $300,000 for Windows 10 remote code execution exploits that require no user interaction. Apache Web Server and Microsoft IIS code execution exploits are worth up to $150,000.

The amount of money Zerodium is prepared to pay for Chrome, PHP, OpenSSL, Microsoft Exchange Server, Firefox, Tor, Office, WordPress and antivirus exploits has increased considerably. However, the company has decided to reduce its reward for antivirus privilege escalation flaws from $40,000 to only $10,000.

While Adobe and other tech giants plan to kill Flash Player in the next couple of years, Zerodium is still prepared to offer up to $100,000 for exploits targeting the application.

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