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Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is too Busy to Lock Her Smartphone

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Does Not Lock Her Phone With a Passcode

Speaking to Michael Arrington at Tech Crunch Disrupt taking place this week in San Francisco, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer admitted to a large audience that she does not protect access to her smartphone with a passcode.

"I don't have a passcode on my phone," she told Arrington on Wednesday.

Apparently, the former Google-exec who has since taken the top spot at Yahoo!, is too busy to be bothered with security.

“I just can’t do this passcode thing like 15 times a day,” she said.

Mayer, who is said to be an iPhone user, hinted at the fact that she may soon be an iPhone 5S customer. Commenting on the new biometric security feature in the iPhone 5S, Mayer added, “When I saw the finger print thing, I was like, now I don’t have to.”

Apple, which unveiled the iPhone 5 S earlier this week, has added a fingerprint scanner dubbed “Touch ID” that lets users unlock their iPhone with the touch of a finger.

On a different topic at the conference, when discussing privacy and data requests from the NSA, Mayer said she feared winding up in prison for treason if she refused to comply with US spy demands for data.

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