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WhiteHat Security Adds PHP Support to Code Analysis Solution

WhiteHat Security, a Santa Clara, California-based company best known for its Web application security testing solutions, today announced support for analyzing source code written using PHP programming language within its static code analysis solution.

In June 2012, the company launched Sentinel Source, its Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solution that helps developers and security teams with code assessments.

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The solution previously supported CSharp and Java, and now adds support for the wildly-popular PHP programming language, and helps manage the software development lifecycle and secure application code as it’s written, while helping developers improve their skills surrounding security issues.

“What makes Sentinel Source unique in its PHP integration is the advancement in the ability for static analysis to model and simulate the execution of PHP accurately,” the company explained.

The company said Sentinel Source's PHP offering ships with a highly tuned type inference system that complements its Runtime Simulation algorithm to provide deeper insight into source code.

"We are committed to building the fastest and most accurate source code analysis solution on the market today, and increasing our support for the most popular programming languages in the industry will make Sentinel Source the ideal solution for a broader range of organizations," said Jerry Hoff, vice president of the Static Code Analysis Division at WhiteHat Security. "With support for PHP, we have advanced the ability for static code analysis to identify unique challenges presented by dynamic programming languages."

The technology behind Sentinel Source comes primarily as a result of WhiteHat’s June 2011 acquisition of Infrared Security, a company specializing in application security consultation and the development of static analysis technologies. As part of the acquisition, WhiteHat brought Infrared Security’s management on board, including Eric Sheridan who currently serves as Chief Scientist for the company’s Static Code Analysis Division.

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