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Webinar Today: The Ultimate Insider's Guide to DDoS Mitigation Strategies

DDoS Attack Protection Webinar

DDoS attacks have been part of the landscape for so long they can sometimes be overlooked as a threat.

If you haven’t tested your mitigation capability recently – or been the victim of an attack – you probably don’t know how well you can detect and respond to one, which could put your organization at risk.

Join this webinar on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at 1:00 pm EDT and get an overview of what you need to consider directly from a DDoS expert to:

● Explore new attack vectors that attackers are using

● Learn how botnets are assembled to launch both larger, sustained attacks and fast-moving ‘carpet bombing’ attacks

● Hear about specific strategies, and in which contexts they work and don't work, to protect your online infrastructure, services, and applications.

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