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Webinar Today: Inside the Cyber Underworld

Inside the Cyber Underworld: Armor's Black Market Report

From credit card data to counterfeit passports, just about anything is available for the right price on the Dark Web. For three months, Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit (TRU) research team pulled data from dozens of underground markets and forums to offer a look at how the market for cybercriminals’ goods and services continues to thrive.

Please join SecurityWeek and Armor for a live webinar on March 28th at 2PM ET, as we walk through:

● The prices for stolen credit cards and bank information

● How cybercrime-as-a-service has shaped the threat landscape

● The sale of malware, exploits, code-signing certificates and more

● Why your social media accounts and airline rewards points are valuable to hackers

● How hackers profit from identity theft and the sale of false documents

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