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Exploit acquisition firm Zerodium is offering up to $2 million for remote iOS jailbreaks, and up to $1 million for exploits targeting WhatsApp, iMessage and SMS apps. [Read More]
A phishing template used in recent attacks targeting customers of a major U.S. bank uses fake fonts to evade detection, Proofpoint security researchers warn. [Read More]
Industry professionals comment on hackers leaking information on hundreds of German politicians and celebrities. [Read More]
High severity DoS vulnerability impacts several Yokogawa ICS products, including control and safety instrumented systems, a SCADA tool, a plant resource manager, and an OPC interface package. [Read More]
A vulnerability in Skype for Android allows a hacker to bypass the phone’s lockscreen and view photos and contacts, and even open links in the browser. [Read More]
Recently addressed vulnerabilities in the popular macOS cleanup application CleanMyMac X could allow attackers to modify the file system as root, Cisco Talos security researchers reveal. [Read More]
Two critical vulnerabilities have been patched by Adobe in its Acrobat and Reader products, but administrators don’t need to rush to install the updates. [Read More]
Microsoft has introduced Identity & Threat Protection and Information Protection & Compliance packages for Microsoft 365. [Read More]
A hacker defaced the website of Luas, the tram system in Dublin, Ireland. The attacker has threatened to leak data unless he is paid 1 bitcoin. [Read More]
A new version of the NRSMiner is actively spreading in the southern region of Asia and using the EternalBlue exploit to infect systems. [Read More]

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Oil and gas is one of the critical infrastructure sectors that face greater risks and challenges when it comes to security
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One of the crucial benefits of blockchain is its distributed capabilities, which mean there isn’t one centralized target to hack.
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Given the observation that consumers still seem oblivious to the risks and the lack of awareness about basic security hygiene, the education push will fall short.
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Security researchers found 26 vulnerabilities within ISP network devices that would have given them remote admin access to the majority of home networks in the United States.
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A manufacturer of a meter may have a different threat model involving the physical aspects of the device itself: device memory, firmware interface, ecosystem communications.
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Endpoint protection will never be able to catch up with “known wolves,” but machine learning and artificial perception can change the rules of engagement with models of “known good.”
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These recommendations will help your organization reduce risk and save real money on the cost of resolving defects. It is not often you get such a clear win-win scenario.
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Being able to properly defend applications requires organizations to first identify their attack surfaces before meaningful risk management can take place.
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When done successfully, continuous testing and training prevents bugs and performance issues from going out the door, while enabling developers to better spot problems in the future.
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It seems as though competing vendors spend more of their marketing dollars describing the insufficiency of existing solutions than they do explaining the added value that their new advancements bring.