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A study conducted by Rapid7 analyzes the credentials used by malicious actors in opportunistic and criminal attacks [Read More]
Enterprises that haven’t installed Microsoft’s latest security updates are exposed to attacks due to serious Outlook vulnerability [Read More]
Hackers breached the systems of anti-adblocking service PageFair and used the access to deliver malware [Read More]
Developing rootkits for Cisco IOS devices doesn’t require advanced knowledge or the resources of a nation state, according to researchers. [Read More]
IBM has identified more than 150,000 malicious events originating from United States Tor exit nodes this year. [Read More]
Google study shows regular users don’t see software updates as an important online security practice. [Read More]
France summoned the US ambassador on Wednesday and said it "will not tolerate any acts that threaten its security" after leaked documents indicated Washington spied on President Francois Hollande and his two predecessors. [Read More]
A team of researchers at Google have been trying to come up with a new design for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) warnings that can convince users not to ignore such alerts. [Read More]
A new report published on Friday shows that organizations in the United States waste large amounts of money on dealing with erroneous malware alerts. [Read More]
Researchers say they have developed a password protection scheme that raises the level of difficulty for hackers trying to steal password information [Read More]


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