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A group of academic researchers has identified a vulnerability in Hive ransomware’s self-developed encryption algorithm and exploited it to successfully restore encrypted data. [Read More]
SolarWinds describes a new triple build model designed to ensure that software builds can never again be compromised in the way that Nobelium injected the Sunburst malware into its Orion software. [Read More]
Apple ships iOS 15.1 with patches for gaping security holes in a wide range of mobile software components. [Read More]
Adobe releases a slew of urgent patches with fixes for more than 90 documented vulnerabilities that expose Windows, macOS and Linux users to malicious hacker attacks. [Read More]
The two agencies warn of a noticeable increase in ransomware attacks on holidays and weekends, when offices are closed. [Read More]
Networking gear vendor Juniper Networks ships product updates to address critical security vulnerabilities. [Read More]
Late-sage anti-fraud startup Sift is the 11th cybersecurity company to reach “unicorn” status in 2021, following a new $50 million round of venture capital funding. [Read More]
Positive Technologies was among a list of Russian companies sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department. The company says the U.S. allegations are without merit. [Read More]
The NSA has published two cybersecurity information sheets with recommendations for NSS and DoD workers and system administrators on securing networks and responding to incidents during the work-from-home period. [Read More]
Industry professionals comment on the findings in Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR). [Read More]


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