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Nearly a dozen vulnerabilities, including critical code execution flaws, patched in Advantech’s WebAccess HMI/SCADA product [Read More]
A critical vulnerability in the DHCP client in Red Hat Enterprise Linux could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands on impacted systems. [Read More]
Researchers came across a malicious PDF file that exploited zero-day vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Windows [Read More]
High severity vulnerability discovered in Siemens SIMATIC S7-400 PLCs can be exploited remotely to cause devices to enter a DoS condition [Read More]
As the adoption of open source components soars, vulnerabilities in this type of software have become increasingly common and they can pose a serious risk to applications, Synopsys study shows [Read More]
Critical vulnerability in the Signal desktop app allowed remote code execution with no user interaction. Researchers show how hackers could have stolen conversations and more [Read More]
Adobe patches nearly 50 vulnerabilities in its Acrobat and Reader products, including critical code execution flaws [Read More]
The integration of new IT networks with older operational technology (OT) networks is introducing new security risks to old technology and old technology practices. [Read More]
EFAIL: researchers say they’ve found ways to steal plain text from emails encrypted with OpenPGP and S/MIME, but some believe the claims are overblown [Read More]
The Electron framework, which has been used to build several highly popular applications, is affected by a flaw that can allow remote code execution [Read More]

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Jalal Bouhdada's picture
Vendors, practitioners and security experts must all work closely together to combat the well-funded actors who pose a threat to medical devices.
Jim Ivers's picture
Why are even the most security-conscious organizations being compromised, and what does it mean for everyone else?
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DUHK and ROCA are both implementation-specific vulnerabilities concerning one of my favorite topics, random number generators.
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The end user community is at the mercy of security researchers to act responsibly in order to limit the potential for their findings to be used for malicious purposes.
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With greater awareness about POS system attacks, operations against third-party suppliers, and the vulnerabilities of public or semi-public Wi-Fi networks, companies can do a lot to mitigate risk and ensure safer journeys for travelers.
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One of the crucial benefits of blockchain is its distributed capabilities, which mean there isn’t one centralized target to hack.
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Given the observation that consumers still seem oblivious to the risks and the lack of awareness about basic security hygiene, the education push will fall short.
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Security researchers found 26 vulnerabilities within ISP network devices that would have given them remote admin access to the majority of home networks in the United States.
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A manufacturer of a meter may have a different threat model involving the physical aspects of the device itself: device memory, firmware interface, ecosystem communications.
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These recommendations will help your organization reduce risk and save real money on the cost of resolving defects. It is not often you get such a clear win-win scenario.