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New protections for Microsoft Office 365 help users recover files, protect data, and defend against malware. [Read More]
The need for improved automation to reduce the time for manual involvement also shows in users' top frustrations with current security solutions. [Read More]
SentinelOne's Global Ransomware Report 2018 questioned 500 security and risk professionals (200 in the U.S., and 100 in each of France, Germany and the UK) employed in a range of verticals and different company sizes. [Read More]
Axonius emerges from stealth mode with a platform that leverages existing security and management tools to provide complete visibility and help secure devices [Read More]
McAfee unveiled a new version of the Enterprise Security Manager (ESM 11), and enhancements to its Behavioral Analytics, Investigator, Advanced Threat Defense, and Active Response products. [Read More]
An increasing number of researchers confirm existence of vulnerabilities in AMD processors, but no impact on the chip giant’s stock [Read More]
Russia-linked cyberspy group Dragonfly compromised a Cisco router and abused it to harvest credentials later used to hack energy companies in the UK [Read More]
Microcode patches for Spectre are available for all Intel CPUs launched in the past five years. The company provided more details on future processors that will include protections against these types of attacks [Read More]
New samples of Hacking Team’s Remote Control System (RCS) flagship spyware have recently emerged, slightly different from previously observed variations, ESET warns. [Read More]
Researchers showed how Cortana could have been abused to bypass the Windows lock screen and hack into enterprise systems. Microsoft released a patch, but variations of the attack may still be possible and other voice assistants could also be affected [Read More]

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Laptop batteries use microcontrollers to tell the lithium battery when it's full and when it needs to be recharged. What's intriguing is that cybercriminals could install malware that would remain on the device no matter how many times you reinstalled the operating system.
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As with most stories Mac-related, the malware-is-finally-coming story attracted a lot of press. But the desktop Mac OS might not be attractive to attackers as you might think.
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Are major data breach headlines helping consumers become more secure? Not necessarily. Many users still ignore security advisories, and our lackadaisical approach to security affects other consumers.
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Enjoy this selection of top picks for 2010, listed in no particular order. Happy New Year!
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Are your passwords safe? Three simple ways to create memorable yet secure passwords
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A new report from Palo Alto Networks examines user and application trends in the enterprise, covering 1,100 applications across 723 organizations, providing a fascinating glimpse into what’s happening within the networks of enterprises around the globe.
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Social Media Use Policy - The consumerization of IT is affecting all aspects of the way we work. As Web 2.0 technologies continue to gain popularity amongst employees, IT departments are struggling to understand and manage the challenges.
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Anti-virus products scan for malware in two ways. They look for sequences of bits that are found in programs that are known to be “evil” (but which are not commonly found in “good” programs)...