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Attackers inject themselves into ongoing email exchanges in highly targeted spear-phishing attacks aimed at entities around the world [Read More]
Adobe security team accidentally publishes private PGP key on its blog [Read More]
A helpdesk vulnerability exposes the internal communications of hundreds of companies, researcher warned [Read More]
Security researchers have proposed a methodology for effectively detecting credential spear-phishing attacks in corporate networks while achieving a very low number of false positives. [Read More]
A Paris-based malware researcher known as Benkow has discovered more than 700 million records used by the Onliner spambot on a misconfigured server. [Read More]
Many Fortune 500, FTSE 100 and ASX 100 companies still haven’t implemented DMARC to prevent email attacks [Read More]
Symantec released an update for its Messaging Gateway product to address remote code execution and CSRF vulnerabilities [Read More]
In July 2017, global spam rate reached the highest level registered since March 2015, fueled by the emergence of malware families attempting to self-spread via email, Symantec warns. [Read More]
Soon after being found to have worm-like spreading capabilities, the TrickBot banking Trojan has expanded its attack surface to target Outlook and Web browsing data. [Read More]
Microsoft has patched several important vulnerabilities in Outlook, including information disclosure and code execution flaws [Read More]

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DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) was created as an Internet standard method of instilling trust back in email. These best practices around DKIM verification outline what organizations should consider in order to trust email and prevent phishing.
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When considering policy-based email encryption, there are best practices that an organization can follow for policy-based email encryption.
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Email is a primary mode of communication in business today and consequently is a mission critical enterprise application. A well-designed corporate email infrastructure should have a security architecture built on the bastion host principle.
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The past two years have seen significant rise in the adoption of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), however the ever-present concern over security has greatly impacted its growth within email security.
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Enjoy this selection of top picks for 2010, listed in no particular order. Happy New Year!
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Social Media Use Policy - The consumerization of IT is affecting all aspects of the way we work. As Web 2.0 technologies continue to gain popularity amongst employees, IT departments are struggling to understand and manage the challenges.