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VeriSign Launches "Uptime Bundle" Combining DDoS Protection, Managed DNS and Threat Intelligence

VeriSign today unveiled “Verisign Uptime Bundle,” a basket of services that combines protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with Domain Name System (DNS) hosting, and threat intelligence services -- all in one solution.

Together, the three cloud-based services help improve the performance, security and availability of websites, email, and critical network services. The Verisign Uptime Bundle is designed to minimize costly downtime for some of the most likely targets of malicious attacks, including online retailers, financial services firms, providers of cloud-based solutions and hosted applications, media and content providers, and online advertising and entertainment companies.

The Uptime Bundle combines three VeriSign Services:

Verisign Managed DNS is a cloud-based hosting service that helps improve the availability of Web-based systems by delivering DNS resolution with a 100% SLA.

Verisign Internet Defense Network (VIDN) provides protection from DDoS attacks by detecting and filtering malicious traffic before it reaches company networks.

Verisign iDefense Security Intelligence Services offers 24/7 access to cyber intelligence related to vulnerabilities, malicious code and global threats.

The Verisign Uptime Bundle features four pricing and service packages to meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations. All four packages provide mitigation for two DDoS attacks of varying sizes annually and access to real-time email updates from iDefense about high-severity security risks. Starting at $495 per month, the base package supports 100 domains, 1,000 resource records and up to 50 million DNS queries per month. Larger organizations can maintain up to 5,000 domains, 50,000 resource records and 1 billion DNS queries with the Uptime Elite package. This package also includes full access to public vulnerability information from iDefense for up to three users. Verisign says it will not apply overage fees unless package limits are exceeded for more than three consecutive months or are five times the limits in any one month during the term of the service contract.

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