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Verisign Launches DNS Firewall Service

Verisign has launched a new cloud-based DNS Firewall designed to offer protection from threats and malware, with the ability for customers to customize filtering based on their organizational needs.

Also known as secure DNS resolvers or recursive DNS service, DNS Firewalls add an additional layer of defense to combat certain types of cyber attacks and other malware that may evade traditional perimeter defenses.

A DNS Firewall prevents enterprise employee and system connections to known malicious Internet locations, and can provide immediate feedback to enterprise security teams about potential compromises like botnets and APTs on their networks, IID’s Rod Rasmussen explained in a SecurityWeek column on the subject of DNS Firewalls.

“By utilizing this secure DNS gateway, an enterprise can ensure its employees and IT systems are not routed to destinations that could jeopardize communications, proprietary information, customers’ private data and more,” Rasmussen explained.

Verisign’s DNS Firewall leverages real-time feeds from multiple sources to enhance overall threat protection, including its own iDefense Security Intelligence Service feeds for country-specific and regional threats.

The platform also utilizes a botnet detection algorithm feeds that predicts a variety of potential threats and enhances a customers ability to protect from threats through the addition of threat indicator feeds from various third party sources.

Additionally, the service includes a of out-of-the-box content filters, including the ability to define customized white and black lists.

By monitoring DNS requests, the service can help customers identify affected devices inside enterprise networks, including mobile devices, and deploying the DNS firewall requires an update of the recursive DNS settings.

The services offered by VeriSign’s DNS Firewall are similar to those offered by OpenDNS, which is set to be acquired by Cisco for $635 million.

Pricing information was not provided to SecurityWeek in time for publishing.

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