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Verdasys Pushes "DLP 3.0" In New Integrated Threat Prevention Platform

Digital Guardian 6.1 Includes Advanced Malware Prevention, Detection and Containment, Extends Coverage to Windows 8 and iOS

Verdasys, a Waltham, Massachusetts-based information security solutions provider, this week released Digital Guardian 6.1, a new solution touted by the company as the beginning of the DLP 3.0 era.

Verdasys LogoAs a platform that integrates compliance with internal and external threat protection, Digital Guardian 6.1 seeks to address the fact that criminals, or anyone with malicious intent against the organization itself, will exploit any means available in order to compromise the company’s data or systems. It was with that mission in mind that Verdasys initiated the term “DLP 3.0” in version 6.1.

“Traditional DLP, which focused on compliance, has been eclipsed as a business problem by the ever-growing threat vectors of insider and cyber-threat (outsider threat). With DLP 3.0, a single integrated platform combats these data security threats and enables companies to build a sustainable risk-based data protection program,” a company spokesperson told SecurityWeek.

“It will be up to editors, analysts, and ultimately customers to determine whether DLP 3.0 takes off as an accepted product classification,” the spokesperson added.

In addition to network agents that monitor intelligence feeds from Kaspersky Lab, Cyveillance, and Umbra, in order to detect C&C patterns and malicious traffic patterns, Endpoint Agents are used to monitor, prevent, detect, and contain malware activities during incident response.

Digital Guardian 6.1 uses HBGary's DigitalDNA, a signature-less approach to detecting advanced malware.

The latest version also boasts support for iOS and Windows 8, as well as all previously supported platforms.

General release is expected on November 30.

The company said that it would also add support for Linux RedHat 6, Ubuntu 12.04 and Suse 11 soon after the initial release, and a version for Mac OS X by the end of this year.  

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