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Vectra Networks Updates Threat Detection Platform

Vectra Networks has made some improvements to its real-time threat detection platform to help organizations protect their networks against insiders and targeted attacks.

The Vectra X-series platform is designed to detect sophisticated threats by using a combination of security research, data science and machine learning. According to the company, the product is capable of detecting attacks on all operating systems, applications and devices regardless of the method and location of the initial delivery.

The updated version of the platform introduces dynamic community threat analysis, a feature that exposes anomalous activity that might result from insider or targeted threats, and enables security teams to make informed decisions based on the proximity and potential impact of threats to the organization's key assets.

The solution automatically establishes internal communities based on internal traffic patterns. In order to make it easier for security operations teams to determine if a host or individual poses an immediate threat to key assets, which can be important users or servers, the Vectra X-series platform provides a visualization of the connections between individual hosts in the community, the company said.

Key assets are designated by staff, while popular assets are identified automatically based on internal traffic patterns. The solution also shows the interrelationships between multiple communities and the hosts that connect between them,  and provides visibility into users operating outside their normal communities.

"Today's solutions for detecting insider attacks either involve collecting large volumes of data to look for specific attack patterns or searching for anomalies in previously established models of individual user behavior," commented Oliver Tavakoli, CTO of Vectra Networks. "Vectra's approach of building behavioral models around host and community behaviors in real-time does away with large-scale data collection and limits false positives. Now IT teams can instantly see the attacks on their networks and their progression, and can quickly mitigate the most immediate and significant threats."

The new capabilities are part of the standard platform and they are available immediately. Pricing for the Vectra X-series platform starts at $60,000.

In August, Vectra Networks secured $25 million in funding in a Series C financing round led by Accel Partners.


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