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Vaultive Launches Encryption Solution for Hosted MS Exchange

Vaultive, a provider of cloud data encryption solutions, today launched Vaultive for Hosted Exchange, an enterprise-class cloud data encryption solution that encrypts data-at-rest and data-in-use within Hosted Microsoft Exchange environments, while letting enterprise IT retain control of the encryption keys.

The solution works with any Exchange hosted service and uses a form of 256-bit AES encryption that preserves certain characteristics of the data so it can be searched, sorted, indexed, and otherwise processed in the cloud without ever being decrypted.

"In order to take advantage of the operational benefits of a cloud-based service without ceding the ability to manage access to data and emails residing on third-party infrastructure, a best practice is to require some mechanism to internally retain controls,” said Steve Coplan, research manager for 451 Research's Enterprise Security Practice. “Vaultive's approach allows organizations to encrypt data-at-rest in the cloud, while holding the keys to decrypt the data."

Vaultive's approach protects enterprise data from attackers or the cloud provider, while enabling disclosure requests to be managed independently by the enterprise -- without placing the cloud provider in the position of disclosing customer data.

Additionally, the company explains that because sensitive data never resides in the cloud in an unencrypted form, security risks and concerns about data residency are reduced, while compliance requirements such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and PCI-DSS can be achieved.

The solution encrypts data as it travels over the network, and may be hosted on-premise and is transparent to the end-user, as no software application or agent is required to be installed on the user device.

The company added that the encryption solution would not interfere with other email security features such as malware and antivirus protection.

Vaultive for Hosted Exchange is available immediately worldwide.

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