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Tufin Looks to Simplify Firewall Policy Management

Tufin Technologies has armed the upcoming version of its flagship security suite with new features to improve management.

Tufin Technologies LogoThe soon-to-be-released R12-1 version of the Tufin Security Suite (TSS) includes a new interactive dashboard, automated change provisioning and a new policy analysis interface. The new dashboard displays risks, recent changes, access rules and objects that need to be cleaned up or optimized. The dashboard widgets provide performance indicators, scores and trends, and include a variety of filters and views.

"The market for firewall management and compliance has matured, and customer expectations are high," said Eric Ogren, principal analyst with the Ogren Group, in a statement. "At this juncture, innovation and simplicity are key. Something as simple as an automated access request process or the ability to intuitively research historical data can literally transform how network security teams work.”

In addition, TSS can now automatically execute planned configuration changes on Check Point Technologies’ firewall policies, as well as recommend changes. The company has also enhanced its Network Topology Intelligence to support Network Address Translation (NAT) to enable enhanced simulation of address translations, and added support for Juniper Networks’ Network and Security Manager.

Pricing for TSS R12-1 will start at $20,000, and the product will be generally available by Feb. 29, 2012.

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