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Trusteer Launches Fraud Prevention Solution for E-Commerce

Boston-based Trusteer, a provider of cybercrime protection solutions for endpoints, on Tuesday announced the availability of the Trusteer Cybercrime Prevention Architecture for e-commerce, bringing the company’s “bank grade” security platform to e-commerce, gaming and other consumer website operators to prevent fraudulent transactions and account takeovers.

“By monitoring the full e-commerce attack life cycle and detecting compromised user devices and accounts before unauthorized transactions can take place, Trusteer’s solution short circuits fraud attempts,” the company explained.

Trusteer LogoTrusteer’s solution attempts to detect user devices and accounts compromised by malware and phishing in order to stop attacks before they happen. Trusteer’s technology does this by combining device intelligence with the company’s malware and phishing detection technology.

Moreover, Trusteer says it can quickly identify known criminal devices through its Global Criminal Device Database that is habitually updated based on continued analysis of over 100 million protected endpoints.

“By correlating device and account risk factors in real-time Trusteer prevents high-risk access attempts and transaction requests. Trusteer’s solution spans mobile, PC and MAC platforms to provide highly accurate and actionable fraud risk detection,” Trusteer said.

“E-commerce organizations continue to experience significant fraud losses. Criminals are now targeting their sites with online banking attack techniques that can easily defeat their existing security mechanisms,” said Eric Blatte, Vice President, North America for Trusteer. “Trusteer's cybercrime prevention architecture currently protects hundreds of financial organizations and their customers against online fraud with proven, sustainable security that dynamically adapts to changes in the threat landscape. Our unique end-to-end visibility into the full fraud lifecycle can stop current and emerging e-commerce attacks that evade traditional, silo-based security products.”

The Trusteer Cybercrime Prevention Architecture for e-commerce is comprised of the following products:

Trusteer Pinpoint Account Takeover (ATO) Detection: clientless service that correlates multiple fraud risk indicators including device ID, malware infections and phishing incidents to detect account takeover attempts.

Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection: clientless service which accurately detects devices infected with Man-in-the-Browser malware when they try to access e-commerce sites.

Trusteer Rapport: client-based endpoint protection against financial malware and phishing attacks. Trusteer Rapport detects, stops and removes financial malware from end user computers; and alerts users and e-commerce site operators of phishing incidents and compromised credentials.

Trusteer Mobile Solutions: fraud risk detection and prevention for mobile devices using a combination of a mobile security SDK, secure mobile browser and mobile risk engine. Trusteer Mobile also provides out-of-band authentication for secure transaction authorization and enables users to lockdown their online account when not in use.

The Trusteer Cybercrime Prevention Architecture for e-commerce is available immediately from Trusteer and its global reseller partners. Pricing is based on the number of protected users and applications, the company said.

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