Security Experts:

TeleSign and iovation Fight Fraud With Reputation and Authentication Tools

Anti-fraud firms iovation and TeleSign are partnering to offer iovation’s ReputationManager 360 product with TeleSign’s Two-Factor Authentication, Verify and PhoneID services.

The deal is meant to pair a phone-based authentication service with a device reputation tool designed to fight online fraud. ReputationManager 360 analyzes online transactions for its clients and flags suspicious users based on their reputations and the attributes of the devices they're using. If a transaction is considered potentially fraudulent, TeleSign's Two-Factor Authentication service sends an automated voice call or SMS to the phone number on record with a one-time PIN code to verify the person conducting the transaction matches the user on record. In addition, TeleSign's PhoneID provides details about a user's phone number so that customers can quickly assess risk.

The joint offering also enables iovation customers to add two new FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council) compliance security layers and provide an additional level of defense against Man in the Browser (MitB) attacks, the companies said.

"The partnership with iovation provides multi-layered intelligent authentication and the ability to verify high-risk transactions," said Forrest Hobbs, TeleSign's vice president of sales and marketing, in a statement. "By pairing up with iovation's unique device reputation solutions, online businesses can have greater confidence when determining whether or not a transaction is trustworthy."

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