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Synack Unveils Exploitation Intelligence Platform

Crowdsourced security testing firm Synack has launched a new exploitation intelligence platform designed to offer companies an “adversarial perspective” of their digital assets.

Called the Synack Hydra Technology Platform, the new offering takes advantage of the capabilities of modern vulnerability scanners, and also includes proprietary exploitation discovery combined with the creativity of individual hacker toolkits, the company said. As a result, the Synack Red Team can more efficiently locate, confirm and report exploitable bugs.

Hydra’s advanced exploitation discovery technology is combined with human analysis delivers contextualized intelligence that can accelerate the discovery and patching of flaws.

Designed with to be scalable and with continuous monitoring capabilities, the platform helps organizations prevent attacks and assess their vulnerability to attacks without affecting performance.

Synack also explains that the Hydra technology has been developed as a SaaS offering, which means that customers don’t need to install a physical or virtual appliance or to deploy the platform.

The Hydra platform includes three subsets of functionality, namely host monitoring, web application analysis, and mobile application analysis. However, they will be released in phases, with only the host monitoring capabilities available starting today, while the web and mobile testing capabilities expected to become available in the first half of 2016.

“Hydra enables a single researcher like me to engage and help secure broad, evolving targets at a speed and depth that outpaces well-funded, persistent teams of cyber criminals,” says Colby Moore, a Synack Red Team member. “Think of Hydra as the ultimate force multiplier for white hat hackers to keep the enterprise a step ahead of the bad guys.”

Synack raised $25 million in Series B funding earlier this year, and previously raised $1.5 million in the summer of 2013 and $7.5 million in April 2014. In total, the company as raised more than $34 million in less than two years.

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