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Symantec Launches Updated NetBackup and Backup Exec Products

Symantec today announced the availability of its NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012 data backup solutions. Designed to help businesses of all sizes address the often complex and resource-intensive backup process, the newest products bring boosted performance, improved management features, and increased support for virtual environments.

In addition to the product announcements, Symantec said that is has teamed up with NetApp and will resell the new NetBackup Replication Director. Replication Director helps organizations reduce management costs and complexity by recovering and managing backup and replicated snapshots from a single NetBackup management console.

SymantecProduct Highlights

• Symantec claims NetBackup 7.5 increases backup speeds up to 100 times

• NetBackup 7.5 simplifies the search and recovery of files for legal holds.

• A new management console in Backup Exec 2012, brings a new design and ease of use.

• Backup Exec 2012 helps reduce complexity across physical and virtual environments, and comprehensive disaster recovery.

• Backup Exec 2012 is VMware Ready Data Protection certified for vSphere 5.0, including support for new features in vSphere 5.0 including the Hardware Version 8 format of virtual machines, datastore clusters, vSphere Storage DRS, and Storage vMotion.

• In addition to integration with Nirvanix, NetBackup now supports cloud storage from AT&T, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. Symantec's Backup Exec also includes backup to the cloud through Nirvanix.

"We use Symantec NetBackup to protect more than 800 Exchange databases -- over two petabytes of data in seven datacenters, with 99 percent accuracy on backups and 99 percent success rate on recoveries. And we use it for 20 to 30 recoveries a week," said Jonathan McCormick, COO of cloud services provider, Intermedia. "Symantec NetBackup 7.5 provides us with a single integrated appliance to simplify all of our backup deployment and operations."

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